Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is committed to making its website as accessible as possible to users with disabilities, including users who may be blind or partially sighted.

The design of our website includes a number of accessibility features including:

  • a common design throughout
  • ensuring that all images used in our site are given appropriate alternative text descriptions ('ALT texts')
  • making information table structures accessible by providing summaries and ID tags to aid read aloud software (complying with section 508)

In general, we try to avoid the use of other proprietary publishing formats such as Flash and other media formats requiring third-party plug-ins. We use other technologies, such as JavaScript, appropriately to avoid creating accessibility barriers

A high contrast option is available by clicking on the icons in the top right hand menu of the page, above the Council's logo.

The BBC provide a comprehensive guide to improving accessible use of all websites at

In particular how to:


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About the site

The website has been designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible, using Internet Explorer 8 and above. Whilst the main information pages are viewable with other browsers, some specialised applications may give rise to problems. To get the best from the colour images contained on these pages we recommend you view with a colour depth greater than 256 colours. We recommend a screen resolution with a width of 1280 or higher for optimal viewing of the site.

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