Refuse and Recycling Collection FAQs

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the refuse and recycling collection service.

Check when your bins are collected

You can find out which day of the week your bins are collected by looking up your road name on our website

What goes into your bin

Find out what goes into your Green and Brown wheelie bins and your recycling boxes.

Report a missed collection

If your waste hasn't been collected please check the following:

  • You've put the right bin out on the right day - check our collection days page if you're unsure
  • Your bin was at the boundary of your property by 7 am
  • Your bin isn't overflowing or contains anything it shouldn't - find out what goes into your bins

If none of the above apply you must report your missed bin within three days of your normal collection.

Report a damaged bin/box

If your bin or box has become damaged, you can let us know using our online form and we will arrange for it to be repaired or replaced.

Request a new bin/box

Each property in the Borough is entitled to receive both a refuse and a recycling collection service

The majority of properties will be given a Green wheeled bin for their domestic refuse. All properties are given to two recycling boxes to contain their recycling. Properties which are covered by the garden waste recycling scheme will be given a Brown wheeled bin for their garden waste, you can check if your property is covered by the garden waste scheme on our collection days page.

If you are missing a bin or box, you can complete our online form to let us know

Request additional recycling boxes

Each household is given two recycling boxes, one for paper and card and one for plastics and cans.

If you find you have more recycling than can be contained in the two boxes, you can let us know by completing our online form to request additional recycling boxes

Report your bin/box going missing

If you bin or box has gone missing you can let us know and we will arrange for a replacement to be delivered.

Request an additional garden bin

Residents can purchase a second brown bin for garden waste, for a one off payment. If you would like to purchase a second bin please contact us.

Request a larger refuse bin

The majority of households in Tunbridge Wells have been given a 240l green wheelie bin which should be large enough for most people to contain all their non-recyclable household waste.

Households with six or more people, or where they are other mitigating circumstances such as a medical condition, will be able to request a larger bin by contacting us.

We will assess your requirements and we may undertake a waste audit to monitor your usage before giving out a larger or an extra bin.

Bin not returned to the collection point

The collection crew will return all bins to the boundary of the property or to an alternative collection point where agreed. However, if your bin has not been returned to your collection point you can tell us by using our online form.

Bin not fully emptied

Our collection crews will only take refuse or recycling which is contained within your bin with the lid closed, any excess refuse or recycling can be taken to the North Farm tip for disposal or will need to wait for your next scheduled collection.

Our collection crews do their best to fully empty your bins and boxes and will use the mechanical lifter to shake the bin. However, if your refuse or recycling was contained within the bin and the bin was not fully emptied you can tell us by using our online form.

Please note for health and safety reasons, crews are not allowed to manually remove any items which are stuck in the bins. Please loosen or remove any items that are wedged or frozen in your bin to enable us to empty your bin.

Dirty bins

If a bin does become dirty, you can swill it out with disinfectant or bicarbonate of soda after it has been emptied. Leaving your bin lid open on a sunny day

We do not provide a refuse or recycling bin cleaning service and we will not replace a bin because it is dirty.

If you find that you have maggots in your wheeled bin, most of them will go when your bin is emptied.

Getting rid of maggots

  • Maggots and fly eggs can be killed by using boiling water or by using large quantities of salt
  • Clean/wash your bin out after it has been emptied. If you don't want to clean it yourself, you may want to get in touch with professional bin cleaners who operate independently in your area

You can help prevent maggots by:

  • Cleaning your bin using products with a fragrance, this will help to deter the flies from your bin
  • Ensuring that your bin lid remains closed
  • Putting food waste in whichever bin is due to be collected next
  • Storing your bin out of direct sunlight, as the sun will increase the risk of smells which can attract flies
Traffic congestion caused by the collection crew

Our collections crews try their best to avoid causing congestion whilst completing their rounds and will attempt to pull into the side of the road to allow traffic to pass.

If you have experienced a problem with a refuse/recycling lorry blocking a road where there was space they could have moved into, you can tell us by completing our online form.

Refuse/recycling spilt on road or pavement

Our crews do their best to collect your rubbish and recycling tidily. However, if you believe they spilled some rubbish onto the street you can tell us by using our online form.

If the spillage has been caused by black sacks splitting or being split by scavenging animals the resident will need to arrange for the waste to be cleared up

Damage caused by collection crew

If you believe damage has been caused by our refuse contractors you can tell us by using our online form.

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