Community Grants & Funding

The Community Grants (revenue) programme supports a small number of key voluntary and community organisations who provide services that align most closely with the Council’s corporate priorities and other key strategies. Many of these organisations provide services which the Council might otherwise wish to deliver.

For details of grant recipients and amounts awarded see our Transparency on Spend page, or for general information on grants please contact us.

The Member Communtiy Grants programme is intended to provide help for small community groups or organisations with projects or events in their local area or neighbourhood, and give Council Members an opportunity to support specific organisations or projects in their wards. 

Each Borough Council Member is allocated £200 to support voluntary and community organisations with projects or events in their ward.

Projects should be based in a specific ward of the Borough and must have support from at least one Borough Council Member for that ward.  Applicants may request support from more than one Member in that ward if required.

For more information please contact us.

The application period for small capital grants for the 2018/19 financial year opens on Monday 13 November 2017 and closes on Friday 12 January 2018.

The maximum grant available is £4,000 and all grants are limited to a maximum of 50% of the total project costs.

The Community Capital Grants Programme aims to help Parish / Town Councils and Voluntary and Community Organisations (VCOs) to deliver projects that contribute to supporting the Council’s strategic priorities within the Borough.

The grants programme can help with funding for capital projects that provide new community, sports, recreation or arts facilities.  The grants programme can also help with funding for improvements to access, large scale permanent equipment and items of major repair like a new roof, floor or heating (where the need has not arisen out of poor maintenance).

For more information on the grant scheme, or to request an application form, please contact us.

Kent County Council

Kent County Council's website has a lot of useful information on how your organisation might be able to find alternative sources of funding, and information on KCC's own local community grant schemes.

For further details contact KCC's Community Engagement Manager for Tunbridge Wells, contact details are available on KCC's website.


Imago is the local infrastructure organisation for voluntary and community groups. Among other services, information and advice, they can provide help with funding searches. For further information please visit the Imago website.

Local Community Grant Schemes

Some useful local community grant schemes are listed under the 'Links' section of this page.

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