Report fly-tipping

Use this service to report fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is the illegal disposal of waste, such as rubbish dumping in public places.

Before you start

We can clear fly-tips on publicly accessible land that we control, but not things on private land or private property.

If you’re a private land owner and wish to report fly-tipping on your land, we can only advise you on what you should do. We can’t clear it for you.

If the fly-tip, rubbish or garbage is dumped on a road or highway, or if it’s causing an obstruction, you should contact Kent County Council on 03000 41 81 81.

Please don’t touch the contents of the fly-tip in case there’s anything toxic or hazardous in there like asbestos.

If you're satisfied with the above, you can start reporting:

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